The Brit List 2010 was officially unveiled today. Compiled by those working in the UK and Irish film community, the Brit List is a selection of the most liked and recommended unproduced screenplays. The idea of assembling such a list originated from the U.S., where their misleadingly named Black List is now a sought after honour for writers, and a valued mechanism for promoting films ahead of their release.

The Brit List 2010

The list below are 35 of the top rated scripts, selected from over 170 nominees.


SEX EDUCATION by Jonathan Stern and Jamie Minoprio (Casarotto) Producers: Ruby Films/BBC Films


CHEERLEADERS by Ben Schiffer (ITG) Producers: Cloud Eight Films


HONOUR by Shan Khan (The Agency) Producers: Dan Films/Parti Productions

SHADOW DANCER by Tom Bradby (Lucas Alexander Whitley (law) Agency) Producers: Unanimous Pictures/Element Pictures/Wildbunch Production

SONG FOR MARION by Paul Andrew Williams (United Agents) Producers: Steel Mill Productions

WELCOME TO THE PUNCH by Eran Creevy (ITG) Producers: Between the Eyes


BREATHE (aka BACK 2 JACK) by Claire Wilson (Casarotto) Producers: Element Pictures

ENGAGED by James Condon (unrepresented) Producers: Silvertown Films

THE ANIMATORS by Clive Dawson (ITG) Producers: Qwerty Films


A LONG WAY DOWN BY Jack Thorne (Casarotto) Producers: Finola Dwyer Productions/Wildgaze Films

GRANNY MADE ME AN ANARCHIST by Ronan Bennett (Tavistock Wood) and Duncan Campbell (United Agents) Producers: Origin Pictures/Easter Partisan/Film 4


30 EGGS by Eoin O’Connor (Berlin Associates) Producers: Treasure Entertainment

BLACKROCK (aka BAD DAY IN BLACKROCK) by Malcolm Campbell (Curtis Brown) Producers: Element Pictures

FINISHING SCHOOL by Daisy Donovan (ITG) Producers: Origin Pictures

LAST WILL by Geoff Thompson (Debi Allen Associates) Producers: Steel Mill Productions

LETTERS FROM AMERICA by Gaia and Hania Elkington (United Agents)

LOVEFEST by Michael Cowen (United Agents) Producers: Cloud Eight Films/Pathe

THE BRIDE STRIPPED BARE by Andrew Bovell (HLA) Producers: Forward Films

VALERIO by Kelly Marcel (Casarotto) Producers: 4DH Films


3 MINUTE HEROES by Paven Virk (Alan Brodie Representation) Producers: Mike Elliot

A LITTLE CHAOS by Alison Deegan (The Agency) Producers: Potboiler

BROKEN by Mark O’Rowe (Curtis Brown) Producers: Cuba Pictures

DEVOTCHKA by Gary Young (Sara Putt Associates) and Geoff Bussetil (ITG) Producers: Peapie Films

ELFIE HOPKINS AND THE GAMMONS by Riyad Barmania (Alan Brodie Representation) and Ryan Andrews (ITG) Producers: Size 9

FUMBLING by Stephen Prentice (The Rod Hall Agency) Producers: DJ Films

GIRL’S NIGHT OUT by Trevor De Silva (The Rod Hall Agency) Producers: Ecosse Films

JAMAICA INN by Patrick Harbinson (ITG) and Michael Thomas (Casarotto) Producers: Hilary Heath/BBC Films

KARENFAN by Geoff Bussetil (ITG) Producers: Peapie Films

MODERN LIFE IS RUBBISH by Philip Gawthorne (Curtis Brown)

ON CHESIL BEACH by Ian McEwan (The Agency) Producers: Neal Street

PASSPORTS by Paloma Baeza (The Agency) Producers: Focus Films

SUITE FRANCAISE by Saul Dibb (Casarotto) Producers: Qwerty Films/TF1

THE LOVERS by Bridget O’Connor (Michelle Kass Associates) Producers: Thomas Thomas Films

THIS LITTLE PIGGY by Corinna Faith (Curtis Brown) Producers: Warp Films

WILLIAM AND HAROLD by John Hodge (United Agents) Producers: Cloud Eight Films/Pathe

The Brit List 2010
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