Submitting Scripts for Script Coverage

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, you’ve either just booked a script report from us, or are considering it. Thanks for choosing us to deliver the analysis of your work. You’ll find a foolproof guide to submitting scripts to us below (it’s very easy and simple, trust us!), and this image illustrates the 3 quick steps you need to take:

how to submit your script for script coverageDue to the volume of material that flows through our system, it’s essential that clients complete the 3 simple steps below to the letter.

PLEASE NOTE: the onus rests firmly with the client to complete the steps below correctly. Until all steps have been completed no work is actioned or takes place. The steps are not complicated, but they are essential and Industrial Scripts cannot be held responsible for any delays that may result from client failure to read or complete this booking process, and no cancellations or refunds can occur accordingly.

Please ensure you have completed these 3 steps correctly. Until these 3 steps are completed in full your booking is not complete and will not be processed.


1. Pay in Full

Book your feedback service using the individual payment links and following the on-screen instructions. You can pay using any debit or credit card, or PayPal. You will receive a purchase receipt email from PayPal once payment has gone through. Note: if you do not receive this purchase receipt directly from PayPal within a few minutes of completing the checkout process then your transaction has not been successful and you must repeat the process or contact your credit card provider, or PayPal.

We charge extra for fast turnaround times, and if you’re script is longer than industry standards. Submissions that are longer than standard industry lengths but who have not paid extra must do so for their analysis to take place. Please ensure you have paid in full for the specific service requested, or delays will occur.


2. Complete the Script Registration Form in Full

You will receive a Purchase Receipt from us by email shortly after your purchase. Please follow the instructions in this email and complete the Client Booking Form required to log your booking in our system.

Alternatively, paste this link into your browser: (please check your email for the access password)

The form looks like this:

script coverage submission form

The bottom of the form looks like this. Once you’ve filled in all the details about your project, scroll down to the bottom left and click the “Submit” button – this sends all the data you inputted to us.

script coverage form - remember to hit the submit button


We handle bookings exclusively using this Google-powered Sheet. Unless you complete the form above correctly, and submit your details so they feed automatically into this sheet, your screenplay will not be actioned or dealt with (details have been removed from the below to protect our clients’ confidentiality).


complete our script coverage registration form

We have been operating on this system for years and its failure rate is very, very low indeed. In fact we can’t recall when the system has actually failed. So all you need do is fill in the form, your details will feed into the sheet, and we will get to work.

Please note: projects that fail to appear in this bookings sheet do not get actioned. We repeat: if you haven’t completed the submission form your work does not appear in our system and will not be dealt with, irrespective of whether you’ve paid, or you’ve exchanged emails with IS, or whether you are in fact Alfred Hitchock reincarnate. This stage is vital.


3. Email us your Script as a PDF only

For the final script submission step, please do the following:

  1. Start a new email
  2. Enter feedback @ uk in the To box
  3. In the Subject box type the title of your screenplay in CAPS ie. (MAD MAX, THE GODFATHER, KILL BILL etc.)
  4. Attach your script to the mail as a PDF document only (we do not accept material in any other form)
  5. Finally type “here is my screenplay for analysis” in the Body of the email.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive an auto-response confirming we’ve received your script, and will get to work immediately!

If you have completed these 3 steps in full then your project submission has been received and logged in our system – no further action is necessary.

If you have booked standard turnaround times then your report will be sent to you by email WITHIN 21 days but most probably sooner – if you are not informed of qualification for our Talent Connector programme when your report is emailed to you, please assume that at this time your project was graded as a “Pass” and is ineligible.

For all questions and queries please visit our regularly updated FAQ page.

Best Wishes and thanks again for using Industrial Scripts development services.