Apply for Short Film Funding

**The fund is now closed for 2017 and will re-open in 2018**

Industrial Scripts is pleased to be able to offer top-up equity completion finance up to a maximum of £1,000 GBP to eligible short films. These can be short films in either a very advanced stage of development/pre-production or in post-production.

While every case is different, in return for its investment Industrial Scripts typically takes:

  • An Executive Producer credit/position on the film
  • A standard recoupment position (in the unlikely event the short turns a profit!)

From January 2017 onwards we plan to invest in up to 5 shorts per annum.

Regrettably, due to the volume of submissions received, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applicants.

Shorts we’ve helped finance include…


Trailer coming soon…


PROMISE (2017)


Promise – trailer from Neville Pierce on Vimeo.

IMDb page.

CLEAN (2017)


CLEAN (2017) – Trailer from Luke Melia on Vimeo.


LOCK IN (2016)

LOCK IN – trailer from Neville Pierce on Vimeo.


How to Apply

To apply for short film funding please email assistant @ industrial scripts co. uk with the following attachments and SHORT FILM FUNDING in CAPS in the subject line.

  • Your full short film budget
  • Hard evidence via bank statements of the budget secured to-date
  • Your shooting dates/location
  • Your short film script (sub 20pg)
  • Relevant talent attachments

Please note: failure to include all of the above will render your application invalid and materials will be deleted with the script un-read.

Please also note our standard investment expectations as detailed above and below.


What does Industrial Scripts expect in return for its investment?

As above, submissions are assessed on a case-by-case basis but it would be extremely unusual for us not to take an Executive Producer credit on the short film, and a typical recoupment position. Although with the latter, we recognise that the absolute lion’s share of shorts are not financially profitable.

When does the fund open/close?

The fund is a rolling, annual fund which accepts applications at any time. However as per the above we only invest in up to 5 shorts per annum, so if you see the sign *The fund is now closed for this year* at the top of this page, then you’ll need to wait until April for it to re-open.

Can I apply from anywhere in the world?


I’ve already shot my film, but need top-up finances for post…can I apply?

Yes. Just make this clear in your application.

How swiftly do you aim to reply to applicants?

We aim to reply to successful applicants within 3 weeks of application. Regrettably due to the volume of applicants we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applications.

Is there anything else I should know?

For clarity, our fund is a late-stage, top-up type. If the film doesn’t picture lock within 3 months of our investment reaching your account, you’ll be required to refund the monies.