As a new screenwriter, how does one conduct oneself in one of the most competitive industries in the world? It’s an important question, and one that so many new screenwriters only find the answer to through costly mistakes. Screenwriting etiquette is more important than you think.

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By way of a short-cut, then, we’ve decided to put together the ultimate guide to screenwriting etiquette. A guide, that might seem heavy-handed by some, but bluntly reflects certain realities of present day screenwriting.

The truth is that with more and more scripts being written year-on-year, and competition greater than ever, industry taste-makers are looking for any excuse to select one writer over another.

Like, any.

Did you sound a bit weird on the phone? Your script will have to be 20% better to compensate.

Did you unnecessarily prolong an email dialogue with a frantically busy agent? Your script will have to be 20% better to compensate.

Did you send your script once, then follow-up two days later to say “actually read this version instead”? Your script will have to be 20% better to compensate.


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This is the 5th installment (after “How to Generate Narrative Momentum in Screenplays”“Writing Characters That Fascinate” and “How to Create Intrigue” and “Writing Mythically But Avoiding Cliche”) in our ULTIMATE Screenwriting E-Book Series,

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