Script Proofing and Polishing

Script Proofing and Polishing

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  • Script presentation is critical to creating a good first impression.
  • Improves the script at a surface level: spelling, grammar, scene description, dialogue. The narrative itself is not affected.
  • Prices start at £200.00 for scripts already in very good condition. You must send us your script to get a full quote before booking.
  • We work in Final Draft only, all scripts must be submitted in this format.

Warning: do not proceed with this booking until you have contacted us and received a full quote in response – each case is different!

  • Once you've emailed us your script (in Final Draft format), we'll respond with a quote and you can return here to book.
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Script Proofing and Polishing is a service where we proof-read and polish the surface areas of your script. It will be sent back in a far more polished, industry-accepted condition.

 Scripts that are poorly presented immediately put the writer at a disadvantage. Whilst it’s true that a script won’t be rejected purely on the basis of how it looks, it can often be a contributory factor. And this is one thing you can easily avoid.
Our script readers will make sure that your screenplay is noticed for the right reasons, rather than the wrong ones. You will receive advice on the correct formatting, where necessary, and will have all the spelling and grammar checked.
Please note due to the variable volume of work per individual submission we require you to email us and attach your script so we can gauge the amount of work required and can provide you with a quote.
Prices start at £200, you must send us your script to get a full quote before booking. Any bookings made before we have seen your script will be considered void.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Industrial Scripts

    Our proofing and polishing service is typically employed by clients just prior to an important submission, to ensure the script is optimised on a surface level. This service only affects the more superficial areas of a script’s performance, and does not involve itself with the narrative.

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