Children’s Fiction Report

Children’s Fiction Report

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  • Our consultant will analyse the language, characterisation, narrative drive and style of your novel.
  • You will get an experienced, and objective, view on your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our constructive feedback will help your story capture – and hold – the attention of young readers.
  • The quoted fee is a “base price.” The full quote depends on the length of your submission. Use the drop-down boxes below for your final price.
  • Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks.  Fast turnaround services available (see below).
  • Price is dependent on the length of your manuscript. Please choose from these options to calculate total fees payable.
  • Select how quickly you'd like to receive your report.


About our Children’s Fiction Report

It’s lots of fun to write a children’s story – but is yours good enough for the publishers yet? Let our Children’s Fiction Report make sure it is.

There are plenty of authors trying to capture the imagination of children and it can be a tough market to break into.  To stand out from the rest, you must be sure your book is not only special, but ready.  Guidance from one of our specialists could be just what you need.

An I.S. consultant – who specialises in writing for children – will read your manuscript and look closely at all the elements.  They will look at the style, vocabulary, characters, and quality of story and explain how you can strengthen your book.  Getting feedback from an impartial reader, who has extensive experience with the genre, can make all the difference to your project.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your story made it to bedtime reading in households around the country?! Let us help you get it there.


  • From the drop down boxes above choose the length of your manuscript AND your chosen turnaround time to get a final price.  Click on “Add to Cart” and follow the steps to make your online payment.
  • Email your work to us at feedback @ industrial scripts dot co dot uk
  • Include in your email your full name and contact details and, if necessary, information on the areas you are struggling with, which you want to draw the reader’s attention to.
  • The text of your manuscript must be in 12 point font, double spaced, with each page numbered.
  • Please include a brief synopsis, describing the type of book you are writing/have written.
  • We will then email you the assessment within the specfied time period.


1 review for Children’s Fiction Report

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victoria Carrington

    A Children’s Fiction Report will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the areas you have mastered, and those that need work before submission, along with constructive suggestions on how you improve the weaker elements. It can prove vital to get an experienced and independent view on your book.

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