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Membership delivers over 40 benefits, services, discounts and opportunities including...

  • 14 day Fast Turnaround Guaranteed

    Our members get all their script reports back within 14 days. At no extra charge.

  • Call the "Batphone"!

    Gold members can call us about anything, anytime and we’ll move mountains to help them.

  • Free Industry Q & As

    Members get free entry to our monthly Q & As/networking events (RRP £140).

  • Add OVERDRIVE to your CV

    Places are limited on OVERDRIVE, list membership on your CV and use it as a badge of honour!

Our application-only policy means every connection you make will be a positive one...

Three tiers allow you to choose the membership that's right for you...

  • Includes...
  • - Access to vetted members' forum
  • - 30% off one-day training courses
  • - Discounts on essential industry products
  • -
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  • Includes...
  • - 25% off premium script development
  • - Access to vetted members' forum
  • - £1,100 worth of free online training
  • - Free events entry worth over £250
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  • Includes...
  • - Bespoke one-to-one mentoring
  • - Strategic career planning w/ industry mentor
  • - Dedicated weekday support phoneline
  • - 25% off premium script development
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View all 40 benefits below!


Are you....?

  • Laser-focused about development.

    With your unique 25% code, access world-class script analysis, at awesome rates.

  • Developing multiple film & TV scripts.

    A strong portfolio of projects across film and TV is what all producers, writers and directors need.

  • Aiming to up your industry intel

    Weekly members-only content will turn you into a walking industry encyclopedia.

  • After the ultimate accountability buddy

    People who join expensive gyms work out more. Because the price forces them to. Fact.

  • After elite development at low costs

    With free services, discounts, and unique member offers you’ll bring your development spend in way under budget.

  • Not in the game to make up the numbers

    Are you done messing around? Throw the kitchen sink at the business, with our help.

  • Looking for kindred, determined spirits

    They say it’s not what you know but who, and with our capped membership you’ll connect with present and future allies.

  • Wanting to train...and gain

    OVERDRIVE members receive online training worth over £1,200, join now and access our vast digital training lab.

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OVERDRIVE members now include over 80 bona fide professionals, all vetted by us...

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OVERDRIVE delivers total savings of almost £4,000...

1.Unlimited 25% off IS Premium Script Development Services£169Green TickGreen Tick
2.10% off Script Doctoring & Re-write Services£450Green TickGreen Tick
3.Unique bulk discount on 1-to-1 script editing days (3 for price of 2)£325Green TickGreen Tick
4.1 annual 50% off "Idea Screening Service" report£15Green TickGreen Tick
5.1 annual 50% off "Judgement Day" report£30Green TickGreen Tick
6.30% off IS training courses & selected events£45Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
7.1 Free bi-monthly "Which Logline?" Service £40Green Tick
8.1 annual Super-Fast-Turnaround - pay standard, get notes in 3 days£100Green Tick
9.3 x 50% off Film Coverage reports £202.50Green Tick
10.1 x 65% off Film Forensic Notes (delivers 14+ pages of analysis)£195Green Tick
11.1 Free place on our intensive Effective Script Reading course £150Green Tick
12."Guaranteed Reads" access - we get you read. Extra fees apply.Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
13."In Private" Online Agent/Manager/Exec/Producer HangoutsGreen TickGreen Tick
14.ICC Financier Network Introduction & Facilitation for ProducersGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
15.Access to our private online networking and connections forumGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
16.New talent engagement & filtering for Producers, Agents, ExecsGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
17.Free place at our monthly "Insider Interviews LIVE" events (RRP £140)£112Green TickGreen Tick
18.License to list "Member of OVERDRIVE programme" on CVGreen TickGreen TickGreen Tick
19.Inclusion in annual OVERDRIVE showcase PDF, emailed to industryGreen TickGreen Tick
20.Automatic membership of cashback affiliate programmeGreen TickGreen Tick
Priority turnaround for script reports (14 days at no extra charge) *£420
24.Free Talent Connector Boosted (details of project in body of TC mail)Green Tick
25.Initial bespoke face-to-face strategy session to set career goalsGreen Tick
26.Thereafter, quarterly meetings with a mentor to assess performanceGreen Tick
27.Bi-Annual progress meeting with IS staffGreen Tick
28.Dedicated "Batphone" available for unlimited support & adviceGreen Tick
30.Free 24/7 access to our Online Novel Writing Course £400Green TickGreen Tick
31.Free 24/7 access to our Online Screenwriting Course £400Green TickGreen Tick
32.Industry Contacts Sheet DownloadsGreen TickGreen Tick
33.Free PDF Script Pack - 1,400 TV & film scripts£35Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
34.75% off our Write the Great American TV Script Online Course £300Green tick
35.75% off our Online Script Reading Course (coming soon!)£300Green Tick
36.Discounted subscription to ScreenDaily£45.80Green TickGreen Tick
37.30% discount off Empire magazine subscription (print or digital)£14.40Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
38.Discounted Final Draft software£30Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
39.Discounted Scrivener writing software£7Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
40.Discount off Robert McKee's Annual London seminar£56Green TickGreen Tick
41.50% off annual Shooting People membership£20Green TickGreen TickGreen Tick
42.Discount on "Save the Cat!" Story structure software£13Green TickGreen Tick
43.Discount on MovieOutline Script Formatting & Story Planning Software£26Green TickGreen Tick

* assumes member books 7 reports over the course of a year.

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Join us "In Private"

IN PRIVATE is our regular online Q & A hangout series with respected industry guests...

  • Whether you're in LA or London, Abu Dhabi or Detroit, IN PRIVATE connects you with major professionals
  • Using the hugely popular Google Hangout platform, our "ask me anything"-style sessions deliver relaxed, informal insight from those who've been there and done it
  • With a strong LA focus, our sessions often feature Hollywood agents, managers, execs and producers
  • Open only to Silver and Gold OVERDRIVE members
  • Places are limited and numbers capped to ensure intimacy and a relaxed atmosphere

"Guaranteed Reads" gets you read...

Exhausted by the crapshoot of screenwriting contests?

Battle-weary of the "no unsolicited material" sign?

That's where Guaranteed Reads steps in - get yourself read, and don't die wondering...

  • Choose a manager, agent, executive or producer you want to read your script.
  • Or ask us to produce a list of suitable people to approach for you.
  • We work to get you read and a follow-up call between you and the industry figure is arranged afterwards.
  • If your project sells or you're signed by an agent or manager, we have no involvement - financial or otherwise.
  • GRs is open only to OVERDRIVE members whose scripts have qualified for Talent Connector.
  • Extra fees apply.

Guaranteed Reads is the ultimate in industry connection: you tell us who you want to read your script, we get you read.

Only the very upper echelons of the business - the top 2% - is off-limits...


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Only connect with screened filmmakers. Find your key collaborators among our vetted membership...

FREE places at monthly Q & As with industry professionals. Where quality networking happens...

This Is A Colored Section Title To Break Up Your Page

We host a regular monthly series of Q & A events with esteemed guests, which we allow OVERDRIVE members to attend for FREE.

The speakers represent all areas of the industry to deliver a wealth of knowledge and insight.  They share their career stories, experiences and advice, and answer the questions that matter to you.

With networking drinks and a chance to mingle with our guest and other OVERDRIVE members at each Insider Interviews evening, these events are an invaluable opportunity to meet talented and committed filmmakers.

Overdrive costs less per month than...

Your monthly cappuccino spend (£30?!)

That cursed rail pass!

That cheap gym membership

2 tickets to the cinema

Your monthly booze intake!

That extortionately priced festival pass!

Your Career MUST Come First

Accelerate your script development...

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Get Serious about Screenwriting

OVERDRIVE is for people who are done taking the most important part of filmmaking for granted. It's for professionals who know what they want, and are willing to move mountains to get it.

Connect, Connect, Connect

The big flaw in most networking platforms is that they're open to anyone, and this results in a poor user experience for some. Because OVERDRIVE membership is capped, and members vetted, you can be sure that a certain standard of person can be found inside.

100s of Hours of Training

OVERDRIVE members receive an avalanche of online training, free with their subscription. Accelerate your learning and hit the fast-forward button on your career with our 3 intensive online courses.

Get your projects flowing like a well-oiled machine...

The Screenplay is King

It's pretty simple: there is no part of the filmmaking process more important than the script. Not casting. Not a super-slick production. Not a wonderful or creatively productive edit. The script is the foundation stone of the whole thing and those who treat it with the seriousness it deserves, tend to win out in the long run.

Knowledge is Power

OVERDRIVE members receive weekly profiles of the people who can shape their careers: executives, financiers, producers and the people whose very livelihoods depend on finding great scripts. Your overall industry knowledge will rise exponentially with us.

Develop brilliant TV and film ideas

Every producer and development exec in the world will back themselves to get a script market-ready. Which means, for new writers especially, the idea becomes their collateral. Using our concept-screening services, dig for gold among your ideas and reap the rewards later.

A People Business

"Film is a people business, if ever there was one" - Anonymous Executive. Membership to OVERDRIVE is capped, so you can be sure that only people of significant merit have managed to win a place. Build your network with us, and kick your career into overdrive...

Who is OVERDRIVE most suited to?

  • Screenwriters looking to forcefully progress their projects through an established and supportive system.
  • Producers looking to talent track and scout the next Hoss Amini or Gregory Burke, as well as bring their coverage and development in well under budget.
  • Directors on the hunt for their long-term writer or brilliant spec, the one they're going to build their future around.
  • Agents/Funds/Execs and Trackers looking to lock in the next wave of talent, before somebody else does, and before the commissions start flowing and the dreaded "he's unavailable" response starts coming back...
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWho can apply to OVERDRIVE?

    OVERDRIVE is open to writers, directors or producers everywhere. Aside from our monthly London networking events, all other benefits are digital and can be accessed anywhere.

  • q-iconHow do I apply?

    To apply, simply purchase a membership here, and after checking out successfully email your CV and personal statement (no more than 200 words about why you want to join) to victoria@ . Your application will be assessed within 7 days and either accepted or rejected. If you are rejected all monies will be refunded immediately via PayPal.

  • q-iconCan I join, use benefits, and then cancel after a month?

    Due to the digital (and non-returnable) nature of many of the benefits, members subscribe for 1-year minimum, via a single up-front payment. This policy reflects the fact that OVERDRIVE is aimed at only the most committed script developers, who are in the business for the long haul…

  • q-iconI'm not sure if OVERDRIVE is for me or not, can I talk to someone?

    Sure, just email victoria @ with your phone number and queries, and we’ll call you ASAP.

  • q-iconWhy is payment taken in one go?

    As above: due to the digital (and non-returnable) nature of many of the benefits, members subscribe for 1-year minimum, via a single up-front payment. This policy reflects the fact that OVERDRIVE is aimed at only the most committed script developers, who are in the business for the long haul. In addition, the volume of administration involved with a monthly payment subscription means that most membership sites now adopt an annual fee model.

  • q-iconHow much does OVERDRIVE cost in total? Can I earn my membership fee back?

    A Bronze membership costs £60.00 (c. $94.00), a Silver membership costs £228.00 (c. $350.00) for the year, and a Gold membership costs £948.00 (c. $1,450) for the year. We anticipate that many OVERDRIVE members will actually earn a large part of their membership fees back, through our successful cashback/affiliate programme.

  • q-iconI'd like to join on a Silver membership, then upgrade later, is this possible?

    Yes, absolutely. For example: let’s say you joined on a Silver membership and after 6 months decide you want to upgrade. You would then start a fresh 12-month subscription on Gold, and we would refund you the months you didn’t use while on Silver (in this case 6). Through upgrading, any free months you received when joining are not carried over, or part of the refund, however. You can upgrade at any time simply by contacting us directly.

  • q-iconHow can I be sure the standard of person within OVERDRIVE is high?

    It’s not in our interests to develop a community in which the quality of person and networking is poor. It defeats the object. Many of our members are Industrial Scripts Talent Connector qualifiers – writers with genuine promise and drive. Of the producers and directors who are members, all are feature-credited and the community even contains a household name or two. OVERDRIVE is currently in its infancy and we expect the quality of individual to rise incrementally as word spreads.

  • q-iconWhat is the ICC financier introduction for producers?

    Industrial Scripts has professional working links to an investment and fund-raising series based in London but active globally, with strong links to high finance and the City. Through this relationship we are able to introduce producers and their projects to the group, which meets regularly and accepts pitches and fund-raising approaches continuously. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been raised and invested through this network, which Industrial Scripts is proud to be part of, and OVERDRIVE producers can approach us at any time with suitable projects, with a view to pitching the financiers.

  • q-iconI'm particularly interested in Guaranteed Reads, what are the extra fees involved?

    Prices for Guaranteed Reads are quoted for on a case-by-case basis. For reasons that are obvious and need little-explanation, GRs is expensive and should only be used by those confident their script will make a positive impression. It is a high-stakes enterprise for all parties (including us) and should not be treated lightly. Strategic planning and thought must go into it and we wouldn’t anticipate you using it more than once or twice a year. If we feel a GR booking is not going to deliver a positive result or impact we will refuse it. Of course, the beauty of it is that you would only need one really positive impact from a manager or agent, to never have to call on it again…

    There is a strict hierarchy in the industry when it comes to the script pile and we game the system and persuade in-demand and influential individuals both in London and LA to free up hours of their time to examine your script, over someone’s else’s. If you haven’t already, Tamzin Rafn’s article The Heirarchy of an Executive’s Script Pile is a must-read so you fully appreciate how said game is constructed. This is the frank reality of it and you ignore this at your peril.

  • q-iconDo I get 25% off script feedback as a Bronze member?

    No. As a Bronze member you are subscribing to the community only.

  • q-iconI'm not UK-based, should I still look to join?

    While OVERDRIVE is predominantly skewed towards the UK film community we do have a number of overseas members. These are often members of promise who – for whatever reason – are not currently in particularly vibrant film communities, and often join on a Gold membership, and are mentored remotely via Skype. On the downside, taking up a free monthly place at The Insider Interviews LIVE is obviously impossible from abroad. If you would like to discuss membership in more detail just email victoria @ industrial uk

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