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Welcome to Industrial Scripts’ “Definitive FAQs” page, a place where it’s highly likely you’ll find answers to any questions you might have.

Please note: we are a small team, comprised of busy, in-demand story consultants and our man-hours are very stretched as a result, so we’ve put particular effort into this FAQs page and update it regularly. If you contact us asking any of the questions listed below, for obvious reasons, we will be unable to respond. If we spent all our time responding to emails, then we wouldn’t get any scripts and books read!

We’re sure you understand where we’re coming from, and really appreciate your understanding and patience in advance.


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1. How can I submit my script for analysis?

Please ensure that you complete the 3 stages below to ensure your script feedback booking is reserved and processed correctly:

#i. PAY: Book your feedback service and following the on-screen checkout process. You can pay using any debit or credit card, or PayPal. All payments are processed by PayPal, which is 100% secure – we are not given your credit card details, and cannot/do not store them, as we’re never sent them. PayPal host all that securely.

#ii. BOOKING FORM: You will receive a Purchase Receipt or confirmation of payment by email shortly after your purchase. Please follow the instructions in this email and complete the Client Booking Form required to log your booking in our system. The password to access this page will have been emailed to you in a separate message, after checkout.

#iii. EMAIL SCRIPT: Email feedback @ industrialscripts.co. uk with your script attached as a PDF only (not as a Final Draft or Word document), and your project title in CAPS in the subject line of the email. You should then receive an automated response informing you that your projects has been logged successfully in our systems.

***If you don’t receive an email within 15 minutes of your purchase then your payment has almost certainly not gone through. Please check your PayPal account and if your account has not been debited, please try to book again – if your internet connection is shaky payment can stall***.

We have created a dedicated page, including clear screenshots, which explains the simple 1-2-3 process for submitting your script to us. Check it out here: http://screenplayscripts.com/submitting-scripts-for-script-coverage/

2. Which feedback service should I choose?

Industrial Scripts offers a range of script report and analysis services for writers and filmmakers of all levels. Our services include project screening, development notes, industry standard dry-run reports and one on one script editing in-person. We have the widest range of script development services in the world (to our knowledge), so we’re confident you’ll find the service suitable for you with us. For a full list of our feedback services please click here.

3. My script is longer than the length(s) you specify, what should I do?

If your script is longer than 20 pages (short scripts), 60 pages (TV scripts), 120 pages (film scripts), then you need to pay extra fees to cover the costs. When you’re in the product page, having selected your service, you will need to specify the length of your script and if you’re script is over the set lengths then you’ll automatically be charged the relevant extra fees.

4. I purchased a script report but have not received it yet, what should I do?

Firstly, check your junk mail folder. Some clients use over-zealous spam-mail filters and as a result sometimes our mail is delivered there, first. In the event you have checked all spam mail folders, and 21 days has elapsed since the day you submitted your project to us, please check this page. At the time of booking you will have been sent instructions on how to complete our booking form. If you didn’t do this at the time, you’ll need to do it now. Your report will then be processed in the order in which it came in.

5. I purchased a script report with standard turnaround time – 21 days – can you be more specific about when I should expect my report to come through?

Regretably not. We receive 30-60 script feedback bookings per month, and operate under ever-shifting workloads. We guarantee that your report will be with you within 21 days but cannot be more specific. However typically we deliver reports within 10-14 days but, again, we cannot be more specific and you should plan to receive your report within 21 days.

6. I want to send you a TV script, but I also want my TV bible/character overview/structure document/series outline analysed at the same time, what service shall I book?

All you need to do in this instance is answer “Yes” when asked on one of the TV product pages whether you wish to submit an up to 10 page Episode Outline too. If you answer Yes, then extra fees will automatically be added to your bill and we’ll assess the treatment as part of a longer report on your TV script. You can check out what extra fees you need to pay, or book our TV reports, here.

7. I’ve written multiple episodes of the same TV series, and would like multiple episodes assessed, how shall I book with you? Also, I’d like to send a short (under 3 page), series synopsis with this…

Just add 2 or 3 or 4 or however many episodes you want assessed to your cart, and then add the series bible add-on to one of the products, and we can assess it all.

8. Will you sell my script for me?/Introduce me to agents, executives and producers?

No, and no. We are a script consultancy – we analyse screenplays, and help writers improve. Agents sell screenplays, and you should direct your enquiry their way accordingly. Having said this our Talent Connector programme takes the best scripts that pass through our script coverage system and promotes them to an extensive list of agents, executives and producers.

9. How long will it take to receive my feedback?

At Industrial Scripts our standard turnaround time on all submissions is 21 days (we will normally get it back to you quicker though), and we also provide next day, weekend, and 7 day reports at an additional cost. You can view these different options and costs on any script feedback product page. Please note all delivery deadlines run up to 6pm on the day of delivery, and do not include Bank Holidays (ie. if you booked a 7-day fast turnaround report and this falls over a Bank or National Holiday the delivery deadline will be 8 dates from the point of sale).

10. Can I request a specific consultant? / Do your consultants specialise in particular genres? / I want a consultant who is really going to “get” my particular vision, can you provide that?

Industrial Scripts’ analysts have been specifically chosen due to their proven industry credentials working across all genres, and the fact that they remain active as industry script consultants today. We believe our 800+ verified client reviews speak for themselves, however should you wish to request a specific consultant to assess your project we will do our best to accommodate you based on their availability, but cannot guarantee this. It is also worth noting that if your project is to really progress within the industry, it will have to be read by many people, and this will not be a process you can control. So, in summary, your project will have to impress lots of people in the end, so attempting to control this process from the beginning is futile. Having said that, we will do our best to accomodate clients requests but are unable to enter into a dialogue on this topic, nor can we guarantee that a certain consultant will be available. This policy also applies to returning clients – we’re unable to guarantee that the reader who read your script previously, will be available again.

11. I’d like to book multiple reports with you, can I get a discount?

If you wish to book 5 full script reports (not pitches, or treatments) or more at one time, we can offer a 10% discount on the entire booking. Please contact us directly if you wish to book 5 reports or more at once.

12. After I’ve received my report can I roam around the industry leveraging my project by quoting from Industrial Scripts’ report on it, saying I qualified for Talent Connector, or using the Industrial Scripts name in any way?

This is an area we take very seriously. Unfortunately, you cannot use Industrial Scripts’ name/verdict as a reference when submitting your script to producers, agents, financiers or anyone else. We own the copyright on all our script reports and these reports are our property that we provide to you for educational purposes. However, we do provide a separate project placement service for those scripts we deem to show evidence of commercial potential or writing talent.

13. What assurance do I have you won’t steal my brilliant idea?

First, read this article from the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain. Next, read on. Nervousness or paranoia about idea-theft is one of the easiest and quickest ways of telling the industry: “I’m brand new and I have no idea what I’m doing!!!” There are a few things for you to consider here. Firstly, if you wrote the script, if your name is on it, then by UK Copyright Law then it is yours, you own it, it is like anything else you own. Secondly, look in the mirror and ask yourself – is your script really, truly, amazingly original? Are you 100% confident it is an idea of such towering genius, that no-one else in the whole wide heavily-populated world would not have thought of it too? If it is a phenomenal, freakishly-good idea then you’re within your rights to keep it under lock and key. However, if it is not a complete one-off, a thing of amazing, once-in-a-generation skill, then you are going to look slightly silly making a fuss and appearing paranoid, when 98% of the skill in screenwriting is in the execution of an idea, and not the idea itself. In some ways, having a great idea is the easy bit, now turning it into an awesome screenplay that is ready to be sent out to the market…now that’s difficult. In addition, we are not a production company, we are a script consultancy, and stealing ideas is just not something that could result in any upside for us and, for that matter, idea theft is just not something the industry deals in – people would much rather pay up for an awesome, finished script. For US and international screenwriters, the situation is different and there are a couple of useful articles on the differences between Writers Guild Registry vs Copyright in the USA at The Writers Store and Go Into The Story. Industrial Scripts receives a huge number of submission, and similarities of subject matter often occur. We cannot undertake to compensate you if material similar to yours, received coincidentally from another source, is subsequently commissioned or produced.

14. I booked a report with you, emailed in my script, then realised I’d sent in the wrong version – can I re-submit the correct script?

Yes – if you send us the correct version within 2 hours of submitting the incorrect version. If you miss this window, then the chances are that the script has already gone out to an Industrial Scripts consultant, and work has then officially begun on it.

15. I am a returning client, re-submitting the same script I submitted previously…can I have a discount?

Unfortunately not. Our script feedback prices have barely risen since we launched in 2010, and are as low as we can humanly keep them, to remain in business. Also, when you book with us you are paying for the consultant’s time – the time it takes to read the script in full, and the time it takes to write a very thorough report on it. The volume of time this takes does not change, regardless of whether the script is a re-submission or not, and the fee required remains the same accordingly. It’s not in anyone’s interests for the consultant to speed-read the returning draft just because he read an earlier version.

16. I want to submit 2 TV scripts. As both scripts are 30 pages or under, does that mean I can submit both of them via your TV Script Analysis service but just pay once because the total page count will still be 60 pages or under?

Unfortunately not. As you would be submitting 2 scripts, we would be writing 2 different script reports. And if we’re writing 2 different script reports, then it’s obviously going to take us double the time to write one. And time, as they say, is money. However if your script is a sitcom you can book 2 of our Sitcom Analysis reports for £180.

17. I’m an oversees client, what are your prices in my native currency?

We have a currency converter feature which should show you the price of a service in your native currency. If not, you can simply punch our stated fees into Google and get an up-to-date price. Please note all payments are processed by PayPal.

18. I have submitted two versions of my script for the Coverage Report and received an Honourable Mention for one, and a lower rating for the other.  Will my Honourable Mention version still be submitted to the Talent Connector list?

Yes.  We will honour the highest grade the script received and contact you directly regarding Talent Connector before submission.  Read more about Talent Connector here – http://screenplayscripts.com/talent-connect/

19. I’ve added fast turnaround fees to my order it seems to be updating on the screen, but then isn’t added to my cart when I go to checkout – what should I do? 

This can occasionally happen.  There is an incompatibility issue in our system, that we are aware of, which every now and then interferes with fast turnaround fees being added to the cart.  If this does happen, you can send the additional fast turnaround fees via Paypal.  You can do this by logging into your Paypal account, clicking on ‘Send Money’ and entering the email address payments@industrialscripts.co.uk.  When you have processed this extra payment, please email info@industrialscripts.co.uk to inform us and we will ensure that you benefit from the fast turnaround service you have paid for.

20. I want to hire Industrial Scripts to work on my project, do you accept staggered or deferred fees?

In all circumstances, across all services (including script doctoring and screenwriting), we only ever commence work once payment has been received in-full, up-front, for all work. We never work for a cut of potential profits, and do not allow staggered payments.

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1. What training courses do you run?

At present we run two offline training courses in the UK, and three online training course. Our training course page can be viewed here.

2. How many places are there on your training courses?

Never more than 30, unless we run a bigger, one-off course. Typically there’d be around 20 people on each course.

 3. I purchased a training course and I haven’t been sent my pre-course materials. What should I do?

Any pre course materials are sent to you moments after purchase, and can be found in a link in your purchase receipt. In terms of troubleshooting: firstly, did you (after paying for the course) book yourself onto the relevant course date in question via our course submission form? We automatically email you a link to the relevant form after your booking. These forms are password protected and must be completed to ensure attendance. If you didn’t complete this form straight after booking, you’ll need to in order to attend and failure to do so will also explain why you haven’t received pre course materials. Firstly, check your junk mail folder. Some clients use over-zealous spam-mail filters and as a result sometimes our mail is delivered there, first. Secondly, check the email address with which you paid for the course, not the email address you registered with.

4. Do I have to prepare or do any work after the course?

Only if you’ve booked on our “Effective Script Reading” course. Prior to this course each participant will be sent an original script to prepare notes on, which will then be discussed during the course. After the course, participants then email a script report to the course tutor who will send feedback via email. We recommend that all participants prepare questions for the course tutors in advance, and get a good night’s sleep beforehand!

5. Where are Industrial Scripts courses held?

All our courses are held in Central London. The precise location will be emailed to you in your Purchase Receipt, moments after payment has been successfully received.

6. Do I need any prior experience/qualifications to attend?

Industrial Scripts’ training courses are tailored to suit the requirements of the industry and are attended by writers, filmmakers, and film lovers of all levels. There are no specific academic qualifications or industry experience requirements to attend our courses and, due to the intimacy and class sizes we operate, you can be confident that your experience level will be catered for by the course tutor.

7. What are the standard start and finish times for your courses?

All our courses commence at 10am sharp and finish at 6pm, with networking drinks usually taking place from 6.15pm onwards.

8. I completed the booking/reservation form using the password sent to me after I’d bought a course, but then didn’t receive a confirmation message – is my booking complete and locked in your system, or not?

Yes, it is locked in our system, fear not! No further action on your part is necessary, just wait for your pre-course materials.

9. I bought a voucher, followed all the instructions correctly, booked myself in via the website form, and then heard nothing. Is my booking in your system?

Our system is built in Google and very very rarely fails – if you filled in all your details correctly, then you’re booked in, and no further action is necessary. You’ll then hear from us 5 days before the course date with all other details.

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1. I’ve bought a voucher to attend one of your courses, how do I book my place?

You need to follow all the instructions that were emailed you by the voucher site you booked with as well as print off the voucher you received and bring it to the course.  Please also ensure you book the correct name and email address of the person attending the course and remember, your booking is not complete until you have booked on formally via the link sent to you by the voucher site you purchased from, and printed your voucher to bring with you on the day!

2. I’m booked on a specific course date, but want to switch to a different course date, is this possible?

You can change your course date, however, a £25 administration fee is payable. To change the date of your booking, you will need to purchase this product – http://screenplayscripts.com/product/change-course-date/ – and then forward the purchase receipt to assistant@industrialscripts.co.uk where we will change the date of your course for you.

3. I now can’t attend on the course date I booked, can I pass the booking to my friend instead?

Yes. You can do this by using the Contact page to send us the First Name, Last Name and Email of the person taking your place.

4. I cannot access the voucher booking page…it’s asking me for the password…what is the password??!!

The password is clearly listed on the voucher you received from the discount website you booked from. For obvious reasons, we cannot give this password to you ourselves, and if you cannot find the password on your voucher you will need to call the discount website you purchased from and give them your booking details and if you did indeed purchase from them, then they will give you the password.

5. I cannot access the voucher booking page…I enter the “password” and it says it’s incorrect…what is the correct password??!

Are you 100% certain you are entering the Password correctly that is listed on your voucher? Note: this is NOT your unique voucher code. It is NOT your security code if you booked with GroupOn. It is not a made-up code. It is the Password listed on your voucher under “Redemption Instructions”, or “How to Book” or another similar title on the Voucher you were sent by the discount website you booked on to. It is the password precisely as it appears on your discount site voucher. It is there, on your voucher, and if it isn’t then you’ll need to call the voucher website in question.

6. Where will the course take place?

The course will take place in a central London venue that is confirmed 5-7 days before the course date in question. We then confirm the precise course location 5-7 days before the course is due to take place by emailing you.

7. How many days before the course date I am due to attend on will I receive notification of the venue, and other important details?

We email you 5-7 days before the course date you are due to attend on. You will be emailed in advance of the course date where the precise course location will be. All courses take place in central London/The West End so please plan to come there.

8. I made a mistake on the voucher booking page, and got the Voucher website I booked from wrong. I clicked that I booked with GroupOn when I actually booked with Amazon Local, does this matter? Is my booking still ok?

Your booking must be 100% correct for us to process it and allow you access on the day. So if you clicked that you booked with Amazon, when you actually booked with Timeout, when we come to redeem your purchase with Amazon, the code isn’t going to work, and then you won’t be able to attend on the day you want. So if you’ve made a mistake, you must use the Contact page on our website to let us know so we can amend your booking until it is 100% accurate.

9. I have logged in to the website of the discount company I purchased from, and found that my voucher has been redeemed, when I didn’t redeem it, what is going on?!!

This is nothing to be worried about, and your booking is still absolutely valid with us. We redeem vouchers for a very simple reason – we are not paid by the voucher websites until vouchers are redeemed so, for obvious reasons, we need to be able to access these fees to pay for venue hire, speaker fees, stationary, office costs, general admin costs etc. etc. All you need to do is book as normal via our voucher booking page and all will be fine!

10. I haven’t managed to book on the course date I wanted to, which I’m annoyed about. What can be done?

We have a certain number of discounted places on each course and once these have sold out, they’re sold out. Fortunately for all concerned, we run our course every single month without fail and if you miss out on booking on to one course date, you don’t have to wait long until the next one. If you’re particularly keen to attend on a certain date, you can often book a last minute ticket at full price, here: http://screenplayscripts.com/product/screenwriting-course/

11. I’ve gone to the voucher booking page, and seen that the course date I want to attend on is sold out. But then I’ve visited the Industrial Scripts website and it says that places are still available on the course date I want to book. What gives?

On every course date we have a set number of discounted seats available, and a set number of full price (£150) seats available. So if you visit our site, and see that places are still listed as available, this means that that there are still some full price seats available for purchase. Full price seats are £150 and you are welcome to book these seats at any time.

12. Do you have a waiting list?

We don’t unfortunately, people drop out very rarely and we’re required to leave a handful of places available each month for full price attendees (£150).

13. Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Under 16s must be accompanied by a paying adult.

14. What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Please check your email 5-7 days before the course date for the precise course location. Use the postcode of the course location to work out the nearest transport links. As all courses take place in Central London, it is highly likely that the nearest tubes will be Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square, Oxford Street, Goodge Street or Piccadilly Circus.

15. What can/can’t I bring to the event?

You can bring water and drinks. You can’t bring food. You must bring a pad and paper – or an iPad or other tablet – to take notes, and we recommend bringing something firm to lean on in the event you’re brining a pad and paper.

16. Can I update my registration information?

As above, you are permitted to alter your registration by changing it to another name. You cannot change the date you wish to attend on – once this has been selected it is locked.

17. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, you must bring your discount website voucher with you when you come to gain access to the event.

18. What is the refund policy?

Please check the terms and conditions of the discount voucher website you purchased from. Refund policies can be different for separate bookings sites and you’ll need to check with the discount website you purchased from. We are unable to assist customer with refunds, because technically the customer did not purchase from us.

19. The name on the registration/ticket doesn’t match the attendee. Is that okay?

Yes provided you have logged the correct information in our voucher booking system. The correct attendee name must be logged in our system before the course date in question. You cannot turn up on the day and gain admittance if your name is not in our booking system.

20. I checked myself in via your online form, and entered all my details, but then I heard nothing – is my place confirmed?

Our bookings system is highly robust and very, very rarely makes errors. Therefore – if you entered your details correctly in our system, and your voucher redeemed ok with the voucher site you purchased from, then your booking is in our system and is all is well with the world! We’ll then email you 5-7 days before the course.

21. What are the standard start and finish times for your courses?

All our courses commence at 10am sharp and finish at 6pm, with networking drinks usually taking place from 6.15pm onwards.

22. I bought a voucher, followed all the instructions correctly, booked myself in via the website form, and then heard nothing. Is my booking in your system?

Our system is built in Google and very very rarely fails – if you filled in all your details correctly, then you’re booked in, and no further action is necessary. You’ll then hear from us 5 days before the course date with all other details.

23. I would like to give a voucher to someone else as a present, but don’t know what date they would like to come because it’s a surprise gift – do you do “open vouchers?”

No, I’m afraid we do not deal with vouchers where the date of course is unspecified, because we have to keep track on the attendee numbers at the venue, and the discount deals have very precise durations.  We would advise you book the person receiving the gift onto the course date s/he is most likely to be available for.  If this attendance date does need to be altered, for whatever reason, then you have the opportunity to change it, for a £25 fee by using this link  –http://screenplayscripts.com/product/change-course-date/ – and then forwarding the purchase receipt to assistant@industrialscripts.co.uk where we will change the date of your course for you.

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1. What is a Script Doctor? How does a script doctor differ from a script reader or script consultant?

As we explained on our definition of a Script Editor page, there are essentially two “families” of terms when referring to script development professionals:

i. script editors/readers/consultants/analysts/coaches/gurus.

ii. script doctors.

Script doctors differ from the other types of professional in that the others are reactive whereas a script doctor is proactive.

A script doctor will actually re-write parts – or even all – of a script. They will provide feedback in the same way a script editor will, but they will also suggest improvements and then go away and actually implement these improvements themselves.

Script doctors are far more prevalent in American than they are in Europe, and one of the key skills of a script doctor is to be able to remove their ego from the equation and stick tightly to a brief.

Script doctors, although often responsible for vastly improving movies and TV shows, are very rarely publicly credited and do most of their work unseen.

2. How does the Industrial Scripts script doctoring system work?

i. Firstly, you need to pay £75.00 for our non-refundable Script Doctor’s Assessment Fee and then after payment, email your script to feedback @ industrialscripts.co.uk

ii. Our script doctor would then read your script, assess it, and we would then send you some thoughts on how he or she would approach the doctoring work, and how many weeks work would be required to hone the script to a market-ready level. Typically clients book our script doctors on 3/4 week+ bookings, but sometimes they work for longer on projects, and very occasionally less. But we never book our doctors on less than a 2 week booking.

iii. If our quote and fee is agreeable we would contract the work and schedule a meeting/conference call with yourself and our script doctor to discuss the re-write work in greater depth.

iv. You would be sent a Writer’s Contract, and an invoice containing our bank details. Payment would need to be made in-full, up-front, via BACS online bank transfer or directly into our account, in-branch.

v. Our script doctor would complete the doctoring, in email & telephone consultation with you, and deliver the new script on a specified date.

3. How much does it cost?

Our rates vary but to give clients a guideline idea of price, it would be extremely unusual for us to book any of our doctors on a weekly rate of less than £1500.00. As suggested above, typically clients book our doctors on anything upwards of a 3-week booking, and we have worked with clients on 6-9 week bookings in the past. Once our doctor has had a chance to read your script we will be in touch with you with a full, precise quote.

4. What happens regarding credit? Will your script doctor want a credit on the finished film?

As in the US film system, our script doctors are not credited on your project. They receive no payment on the first day of principal photography, have no legal rights in the work, and are not involved beyond the end of their contract with you (unless you wish them to be, and pay them to be). The only contractual stipulation we insist on is that in the event they wish to, our Script Doctors may be credited as “Script Editor”, “Script Doctor” or “Script Consultant” on your project.

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1. I’m having trouble making a purchase/checking out, what should I do?

Our online payment system is very reliable, so we would urge you to try and checkout again in the first instance. For clarity, if you do not receive a purchase receipt email from PayPal, or have not received an email from PayPal during the process, then your account has not been debited, monies have not left your account, and checkout still needs to be completed. Please attempt to checkout once more and, if you are still struggling, please contact us.

2. I’m not crazy about paying for stuff online, can I book by phone? Send a cheque perhaps? Pay by BACS?

Regrettably not. We accept all types of debit and credit cards, and for the absolute lion’s share of customers that works fine. If you are booking a large script doctoring job with us, then this payment will need to be made by BACS, but otherwise, please use your debit or credit card – or PayPal account – to book with us.

3. Do you offer volunteering opportunities at Industrial Scripts?

We do – in very rare circumstances – and particularly welcome applications from students or individuals with demonstrable IT skills, and a strong interest in screenwriting and film. If you have IT skills or training in IT please contact us and if there is an opportunity to volunteer with us we will be in touch.

4. I’d like to work for Industrial Scripts, become one of your script readers. How do I apply?

As one of the market leaders in screenplay feedback, it’s unusual for us to hire people who haven’t made a significant dent already in the industry. However we are open-minded and recognise that whilst script reading can be learnt to some degree, and honed, innate talent does go a long way. Please contact us with your CV including several script report samples and your details will be kept on file in the event that any vacancies open up. Please note we tend to hire individuals who have already made a significant impact in the industry, and do not encourage applications from people right at the beginning of their careers, who haven’t script read for at least a couple of major companies. Also, and this is by no means a requisite, but those who have taken our respected Effective Script Reading Course are at an advantage because having taken the course they are acutely aware of the challenges of being a script reader and the standards that need to be met to succeed as one.

5. Where can I buy Final Draft screenwriting software?

You can buy it from our website.  To do this, you need to click on the Final Draft adverts on the right hand side bar of any page on the site, and if you use the code provided, you will receive a £30 discount.

6. How can I keep up with all the latest news on Industrial Scripts’ feedback services and courses?

You can follow us on twitter (@Indust_Scripts) and sign up for our monthly newsletter which will keep you up to date with new and exciting offers. Registering for our site will also give you complete access to all our exclusive content and is completely free.

7. What are the Insider Interviews?

The Insider Interviews are an exclusive series of interviews conducted with leading film professionals which give great insight into the inner-workings of the film industry.

8. How does your mentoring program work?

We offer mentoring, support and career acceleration services to appropriate individuals. Please contact us with your specific requirements, your short and long-term career goals, and please remember to attach an up-to-date CV. Please also be aware that we require a minimum 6 month commitment from those able and willing to come and work for us, and please also note before contacting us that due to the bespoke nature of the service fees start at £1000.00.

9. I now can’t make the training course I booked with you, can I get a refund?

As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to whilst purchasing from us, you may cancel your booking and receive a full refund up to 24 hours after the exact time of your booking. After this time, no refunds are possible. This also applies to our Script Feedback Services, with the exception of fast-turnaround feedback services which are processed immediately and cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

10. Do you offer student discounts on any of your services or training courses?

Very, very occasionally we’ll run a promotion but these are few and far between and you will need to be eagle-eyed and keep a keen eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to find one. We do not have the facility to offer student discounts unfortunately – our prices are already as low as they can possibly be, believe it or not!

11. What are your opening hours?

We are open from 10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. We’re closed and can’t provide support or assistance at evenings or weekends.

12. Can you send me an invoice or purchase order for the service/course/product I bought from you, for tax purposes?

We’re unable to send you an individual invoice or purchase order, but you can use both a) the confirmation of payment email you received from PayPal and b) the Purchase Receipt emailed to you by our store system, moments after checkout, as evidence of costs for tax return.




1. How do I use my voucher to access the online course?

Check out our definitive guide, with images, to accessing your course here – http://screenplayscripts.com/access-online-course/

1: Go to http://screenplayscripts.com/product-category/online-courses/
2: Pick which course you wish to order.
3: Scroll down and select ‘Add to Cart’.
4: You will be redirected to a page that says your course was “successfully added to your cart.”
5: Select ‘View Cart’.
6: Scroll down and type/paste your Coupon in to the box provided, then select ‘Apply Coupon’.
7: Page should say ‘Coupon was applied’ at the top, scroll down and the price should reduce.
8: Select ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and complete the form accurately ensuring your email address is entered 100% accurately. Failure to do so will result in long delays sending you your registration details.  NOTE: If you are ordering this for someone else as a gift – use their details.
9: Read & then tick to agree with Terms & Conditions.
10: Select ‘Place Order’ – An order confirmation email will then be sent to you, along with an email containing your username and password so you can log in to the course whenever you like. It is important you print or store these details somewhere safe.**
11: ‘Thank you. Your order has been received’.​ You can now view your order/customer details.
12: Scroll down & Select ‘View Course’
13: Start the course!

2. I have entered my code to apply the coupon and it does not work, what shall I do?!

Are you 100% sure you have entered the correct code, precisely as it’s listed on your voucher? Our system isn’t faultless but it is pretty close, and 99/100 the fault in this scenario will be human error. The code will be on your voucher is sent to you by the website you purchased from. Please read the instructions on your voucher carefully to find the correct code to use. The code will usually be a word followed by numbers. If you’re having trouble finding or entering the correct voucher code, please contact the voucher website you purchased from and they can point it out.

3. I’m having trouble making a purchase/checking out, what should I do?

Our online payment system is very reliable, so we would urge you to try and checkout again in the first instance. For clarity, if you do not receive a purchase receipt email from PayPal, or have not received an email from PayPal during the process, then your account has not been debited, monies have not left your account, and checkout still needs to be completed. Please attempt to checkout once more and, if you are still struggling, please contact us.

4. Do I have to complete the course all at once? I want to log off and continue another day…will I lose progress?

You can leave the course and come back to it any time you like. The course is divided into sections, each with a quiz at the end. After each section, your quiz results will be saved – you will not be able to continue on to the next section if you do not complete it correctly. To access your course at any time, you will need to select ‘My Courses’ from the drop down menu under ‘Book A Course’ in the website navigation bar and login using the details that were sent to your email account on the date you placed your order.

5. I have purchased my online course. How do I access it?

To access your course, hover over ‘Book A Course’ on the website navigation bar at the top of the page, then select ‘My Courses’ at the bottom of the drop down menu. You will be redirected to a page where you can view all your ‘Active’ and ‘Completed’ courses. Please make sure you are logged in with your individual login details to ensure you can access your course. Your login details were sent to your email account on the day you placed your order.

6. I have selected ‘MY COURSES’ but it is saying there are no courses active?! But I have already purchased one!

To access any course you have purchased, you will need to be logged in using your own individual login details (these were emailed to you on the day on you registered). You will not be able to access any course you have bought if you are not logged in, so, please TAKE NOTE of or REMEMBER your login details. Your login details were sent to your email account on the day you placed your order.

7. I have purchased my course, now the system is asking me for login details – I don’t remember creating a username or password…

On the day you placed your order for an online course, individual login details were sent to your email account. Please check your inbox – This WILL have been sent to you. If you still cannot find the email, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail. If you still can’t find this email, then you will need to reset your password, which you can do here.

8. I realise now that I inputted the wrong email address when registering for the course – what can I do? 

PLEASE try not to do this – if you type your details in carefully and accurately, the process of getting into your course works easily and smoothly.  However, if you have mistyped then let us know and we will have to manually correct the email address for you and create a new password – since your other one the website generated will have been sent to which email address you typed by mistake.  Hopefully that unknown recipient will not have logged into the course in your name, because if they have there is nothing we can do.  If they haven’t, then we will send you the new details and you can continue.  This issue should be avoided at all costs though, as it is laborious to correct and therefore cannot always be prioritised.

9. How long do I have to complete the course?

From the purchase date of your course, you will have access to your course for a year so you just need to complete it within that time.  You can take the course at whatever pace you like during that period.

10. When I finish the last lesson of this course, how long after that will I have access to the course lessons online? I know I’ll want to re-read certain lessons again!

We will NOT block your access to your online course once you have finished the last lesson’s quiz.  Once you have completed the course you are able to go back and forth through the lessons (in whatever order you like) – as long as it is within a year of your purchase date. This allows you to refresh your memory / reference the checklists at a later date / redo the exercises / use the advice for a different script or novel as much as you like.

11. Are there set timings for each lesson?

No.  All the lessons vary is length and content, and there is no time restriction on completing individual lessons.  You do not treat these lessons like you would an hour’s lecture in a classroom, for example, you can do as much or as little as you like when you have the time free to do so.

NOTE: Your progress bar (on your contents page) will only take into account the lessons you have completed (either by clicking the ‘Complete Lesson’ button at the bottom if the page, or by reaching the pass mark required of the relevant quiz).

12.  On my voucher there is an expiry date – what does that mean?  Do I have to complete the course by then? 

No!  As above, you have a year to complete your course from your purchase date.

The expiry date you have been given is related to the voucher.  You have to redeem your voucher and register with us by the expiry date issued on your voucher (following the instructions emailed to you by the voucher provider).

Once you have done that you there is no rush to start or complete the lessons.  You can work through them in your own time, and once the lessons are all finished you are free to return to them during that year, in case you need to refer to them at all during your writing.

12. I’ve already taken some of the lessons on the course, and now when I login the system tells me: ‘Please purchase the course before starting this Lesson’. But I’ve already purchased the course, what should I do?

This is an issue which can occur due to the “cookies” websites store on your computer. Please clear your cache, close your internet browser and restart your computer. If you’re not sure how to clear your internet cache we would recommend reading this article on the subject. Once you’ve cleared your cache, and restarted your computer, then Log In again and go to My Courses and you will be able to continue to take the course as normal.

13. I am struggling to reset my password and log in, what should I do?

The most common reason for this, statistically, is human error. Are you a) 100% sure you are entering the password correctly, with no errors? and b) have you checked, double-checked, and then triple-checked your email AND your junk mail for mails from Industrial Scripts containing password information.

14. I can’t find the login page – can you remind me how to get to it? 

Here are all the possible login pages you will need –

To register as a User of the site: http://screenplayscripts.com/wp-login.php?action=register

Lost password: http://screenplayscripts.com/account/lost-password/

Log in page: http://screenplayscripts.com/wp-login.php

To log in to your course: http://screenplayscripts.com/my-courses/

15. My account appears to have been blocked but I don’t know why…. I have tried to reset the password but it says invalid account…what should I do?

It’s hugely unlikely that your account would be blocked. This can occur, once more, due to cookies being stored on your computer. All you need to do is to clear your cache, clear all cookies, close your internet browser and restart your computer. You might also like to use a product like Ccleaner to clean your computer. Then look to log in again and the problem should be resolved. If you continue to find yourself blocked, please wait 24 hours, restart and clean your PC again, and then attempt to access it once more. If you have tried all steps, waited 24 hours, and still are locked out please get in touch.

16. I keep trying to access the course but it keeps saying my access has been blocked and that I have to contact the administrator…what should I do?

This can occur, once more, due to cookies being stored on your computer. All you need to do is to clear your cache, clear all cookies, close your internet browser and restart your computer. You might also like to use a product like Ccleaner to clean your computer. Then after cleaning and restarting your computer log in again and the problem should be resolved. If you continue to find yourself blocked, please wait 24 hours, restart and clean your PC again, and then attempt to access it once more. If you have tried all steps, waited 24 hours, and still are locked out please get in touch.

17. I’m still having real problems despite following the steps above, could it be my choice of browser?

Sometimes issues occur with certain internet browsers – at present though we have none reported.  We always advise that you have the most up to date version of your browser though to ensure it can run all elements of the course.

18. What are the system requirements for customers who are considering the online course? 

Our online courses are not a bit of software which you download, you simply log into our website to access the course material.  Therefore, the requirements are that you have an up-to-date internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and we also recommend that you clean your cache before starting the course. Our whole site is heavily cached and optimised for load speed, so occasionally this can cause issues if your computer hasn’t been ‘cleaned’.

19. I successfully registered, and started the course, but now when I return to it I’ve found my profile’s been deleted along with my course! Why has this happened and what should I do?

Recently our site has been targeted quite aggressively by spammers and we were receiving a huge amount of user registrations from people with decidedly dubious names and email addresses. We installed some software to “clean” our system of this corrupting and imaginary individuals and the process was successful…too successful, because it also deleted some of our real users too. We can only apologise profusely for this, and get you back in the course as soon as possible. The swiftest way of doing this is to dig out your original voucher code, and simply re-visit the course product page, and check out as before. You can then whizz through the modules you’ve already taken, and get back to where you were previously. If this doesn’t work, please get in touch with us at the link below and we’ll get you back in the game as a matter of urgency.

20. I have bought an online course for someone else and now would like to change the username I submitted so that it is their name and not mine – can I do that? 

No. I’m afraid once a username has been logged we cannot change it – this is why we stress the importance of inputting the username and email address carefully and accurately, because they are fed into an automated system and the information is relied upon for the process to work smoothly.

If you are in this situation, you will just have to let the other person know what username to use when logging in.

21. I have bought three online courses using vouchers – one for me, and the others are for my friends.  How will it work so that we can all access the course?

Whoever has purchased the courses will be sent the confirmation email, which includes instructions on how to access the course, and the number of coupon codes applicable to the order (so in this case, 3 separate unique voucher codes).  The purchaser needs to use one of those codes for themselves, and then it’s down to them to distribute the remaining codes and instructions to their friends/family to use accordingly.

22.  When I purchased your How to Write a Novel Course my confirmation requested me to download the files but the only download available is the troubleshooting guide. How do I download the course?

You don’t download the course – you progress through the lessons via our website, which you log in and out of, as you wish, using the username and password which will have been emailed to you.

On completion of your purchase, you will see on your web browser screen – and in the purchase receipt email you receive – there is one hyperlink which you click on to download the “How To Access Your Course” instruction guide, and then further down there is also a second link – ‘View Course’ – which you can click on to take you to your course immediately.

23. Do I have to constantly go to the email I received from you containing the course details to access my lessons every time I want to login? 

No you don’t.  You can simply go to the Industrial Scripts website and hover your mouse over the ‘Login’ tab at the end of the navigation bar, which is along the top of the homepage.  Then scroll down to ‘Login’ or ‘My Courses,’ click on either one of them and enter your login details, which will have been emailed to you (KEEP THEM SAFE, you will need these every time you login).

24. I have completed the course but the progress bar still doesn’t show 100% complete – what is that about?!

The software includes the “Welcome and Instructions,” the glossary etc. at the beginning of the online courses as Lessons, since they are webpages built into the course.  So there are actual teaching lessons and also other pages which are important to the course, but they’re not lessons in the true sense of the word.
The progress bar won’t show the course as 100% complete until the “Complete” button has been clicked on at the bottom of these first pages and all quizzes have been passed.

25.  I have finished the course!  When will I receive my certificate? 

You will not be sent the certificate via email – you need to download the certificate yourself. There is a link to it on the final lesson of the course, and then you can print it off from there.




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