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  • Our intense 1-day course runs monthly in London.
  • The first and only course to teach participants the skills to find never-advertised script reading jobs.
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  • Includes Pre & Post-Course homework assignments.
  • If our course helps you gain script reading jobs, you’ll recoup the course fee within 3 pro script reads.
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Product Description

Script Reading Course – Europe’s #1 rated screenplay reading course on how to find script reading jobs and analyse screenplays.

EFFECTIVE SCRIPT READING FOR TV & FILM is the first UK script reading course to place significant emphasis on the skills required to find paid script reading jobs, as well as write quality script analysis. Our script reading course teaches participants how to analyse film & TV scripts effectively and produce quality script analysis, as well as delivering knowledge on how to source regular script reading jobs in the UK and beyond.


Who takes the course?

Our script reading course is ideal for those new to the industry looking to build a career in script development, sales or distribution, and is also valuable for writers, producers and directors looking to develop their script analysis skills, build contacts in development and earn an extra revenue stream from script reading. The course focuses on how to deliver constructive script feedback to writers both in person and on the page, and participants also deliver a script report which will be marked by the course tutor. The course also delivers detailed information on the key production companies, distributers, sales agents and funding bodies operating in the UK marketplace, for whom script readers are vital. Now in its 4th year, our script reading course has been running on a monthly basis since January 2010, and in that time a broad range of people have taken it, including:

  • Distributors, sales agents and producers looking to upgrade their creative analysis skills.
  • Writers aiming to better understand the mindset of readers and development people.
  • Out-and-out developers looking to forge a long-term career in script development.
  • Freelancers with promising analytical skills seeking to earn a sideline revenue from industry script reading jobs.

Why book our Script Reading Course?

  1. Rock-solid credentials: our course was crafted by an industry reader who knew no-one and nothing yet rose to the giddy heights of analysing scripts professionally for Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, and Universal to name but a few.
  2. 98% positive customer reviews: our course has been reviewed extensively on independent reviews sites. You can read reviews about the course here and here.
  3. Effective Script Reading is the only script reading course to focus attention on the skills required to source paid script reading jobs in film & TV (a very specialized skillset in itself, because these jobs are NEVER publicly advertised).
  4. Our highly detailed course handouts and contacts documents hugely accelerate participants’ progress by highlighting different types of company and paid/unpaid script reading jobs, cutting out the vast amount of man-hours required to source this information personally.
  5. This is the only UK script reading course lead by a CURRENT, industry-trusted script consultant who’s assessing material for some of the top companies and individuals right now.
  6. If the course leads you to gaining script reading work, you’ll recoup the monies spent on this course within just 3 pro script reads.



PRE-COURSE ASSIGNMENT: Before the course participants are invited to read a script and then discuss it in class on the day. Participants are also encouraged to prepare specific questions for the course tutor in advance.

10am – 3pm (how to analyse a screenplay)

  1. - Introduction
  2. - What makes a good film script?
  3. - A question of genre and commerciality
  4. - Script analysis vs. writer feedback
  5. - Elements, logline & grid-box analysis
  6. - The painful bit: writing effective synopses
  7. - Assessing premise & structure
  8. - Characters who “leap off the page”
  9. - Analysing inherent screenwriting ability: dialogue, pace & visual flair
  10. - In-depth script analysis and a look at sample industry script reports

3pm – 7pm (how to source paid script reading jobs)

  1. - Who needs script readers?
  2. - Finding work: the early stages
  3. - Getting regular script reading jobs, and keeping them
  4. - Guerrilla tactics and good recon: how to source those special script reading jobs…
  5. - Industry overview: the key film/TV companies and individuals right now, those who pay and those who don’t, and the etiquette/tactics of how to approach them effectively
  6. - Recommended reading…
  7. - Q & A and informal networking drinks with the course tutor

POST-COURSE ASSIGNMENTS: After the script reading course, participants are invited to take 2 tests to gauge their learning. The 1st is a simple “Efficiency Test” (which a surprising number of participants fail, so watch out!) and the 2nd involves participants emailing a script report which will be marked by a member of Industrial Scripts’ staff.  In order to receive their marked report, participants must pass the Efficiency Test in full.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: our Effective Script Reading course contains some hard truths about script reading, and the film and television industries in general. Script reading – or indeed script development in general – is not a career one can simply “walk into”. It is competitive and with this course we aim to provide attendees with a professional advantage***.


LOCATION: Our script reading course is held in once a month at a Central London location. This location is emailed to participants, along with their pre and post-course materials, moments after purchase.

FEES: The course fee is £150.00 (all inclusive, no hidden fees), which includes 40+ pages of course notes including sample industry script reports), a contacts overview of the UK film & TV industries (incl. financiers, funding bodies, production companies, sales agents and distributors), a detailed recommended reading list, and refreshments. Lunch and networking drinks are not included.

PLACES: Places are strictly limited and participants are advised to book early to avoid disappointment. Networking is firmly encouraged so please feel free to bring business cards, or your contact details.

BOOKING: Industrial Scripts is a Verified PayPal seller. To secure your place on the course simply select the course date you which to attend on using the drop-down menu, click “Add to Cart” and then “Checkout”. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to book using any debit or credit card via the secure PayPal link (***note: you do not need to have a PayPal account already in order to book with us***).

PRE & POST-COURSE MATERIALS: All pre and post course materials will be emailed to you as part of the checkout process and will be available to you to download shortly after purchasing a place. Please save these documents to your PC and read them before attending. Once the course is over, then open the post-course assignment folder and follow the instructions contained within.

BRING A LAPTOP: Industrial Scripts has joined the digital revolution and “gone green” with all its training courses. Please bring a laptop, iPad, Netbook, tablet or other type of personal computer or handheld device to the course, as you will be accessing your course notes and documents from a USB memory stick. If you do not know what a USB memory stick is, do not worry, the vast majority of modern laptops are equipped with USB ports. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that your device can download PDF documents and Excel files from a USB stick on the day – there will not be an opportunity to get hold of the course notes at a later date. You will, of course, still be able to take written notes during the course and there will be ample power points to charge from in the event your device’s battery is weak.

REVIEWS: Our script reading course has been extensively reviewed by past attendees, just click here to read what people have had to say.

Additional Information

Attendance Date

Saturday 21st June 2014, Friday 25th July 2014, Friday 29th August 2014, Friday 19th September 2014, Friday 31st October 2014, Friday 28th November 2014, Friday 19th December 2014

1 review for Script Reading Course (UK)

  1. Industrial Scripts
    5 out of 5


    The first, and still the best: our Script Reading Course first ran way back in January 2010, and has been selling out, month-on-month, ever since. The first course to focus attention on the ways script readers find work, as well as how to analyse and report-write effectively, the course can’t turn you into a great script reader overnight, but it sure can accelerate the process…

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1 review for Script Reading Course (UK)

  1. Industrial Scripts
    5 out of 5


    The first, and still the best: our Script Reading Course first ran way back in January 2010, and has been selling out, month-on-month, ever since. The first course to focus attention on the ways script readers find work, as well as how to analyse and report-write effectively, the course can’t turn you into a great script reader overnight, but it sure can accelerate the process…

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