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We are the Official #1 rated screenplay analysis company in the world, with over 450+ verified customer reviews online. Working with screenwriters, authors and filmmakers at all levels, we also deliver intensive courses both online and live in the UK. Meanwhile, our Talent Connector programme promotes new talent, and our articles educate, inform and entertain! We believe that rigorous screenplay development is the foundation of great cinema and TV, and indeed essential - without it, the end product is almost certain to fail. Our screenplay consultants and book editors have been specifically selected for their industry credentials, and have worked for companies including Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Scott Free, BBC Films, StudioCanal, Universal and many more. In addition, the company runs three industry-respected training courses: "Effective Script Reading"; "Screenwriting for Beginners" and "Film Screenwriting Online". These courses have been reviewed by previous participants, here. We also publish screenplay-related content and articles, which includes columns by working screenwriters and industry professionals. Our work extends to other areas: we deliver workshops on careers in the media in schools and universities; our Insider Interviews series features profiles of leading figures such as actor Tom Hiddleston, director Ben Wheatley and Oscar-winning producer Gareth Unwin; and our once-a-month newsletter has over 20,000 subscribers and a less than 1% unsubscribe rate. Finally, our sister company WordsWorth Writing Store is an authorised seller of leading screenplay and story writing software such as Final Draft. Industrial Scripts: where the screenplay is king!